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Starring: Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Candice Bergen, Benjamin Bratt, and William Shatner

Directed by Donald Petrie

A movie about the Miss United States Beauty Pageant and an undercover FBI agent who goes in with the guise that she is in the running for the crown. Why? A terrorist known only as the Citizen has left clues to the feds that his next target is the pageant and will strike in two days. Our undercover cop is Gracie Hart (Bullock), who isn't exactly a likely choice to go in for the job. First off she's a slob and enjoys kicking her male colleagues asses whenever they annoy her, she makes strange pig noises when she laughs, and she's an all out brute. But she's the only gal for the job, and with the help of washed up beauty pageant consultant Victor Melling (Caine), she's getting the full make over and getting lessons in feminism (how to walk, talk, chew, say yes instead of yeah). And that is the premise for this would-be comedy, but none of it clicks and rarely does its limited potential shine through.

Where the film does succeed is in the supporting players, with Caine doing a suitable but instantly forgettable job, he still has acceptable comic timing and does hold more presence than anyone else in the film. Candice Bergan, though her entire story line outside of her being a former winner of the pageant is foolish, is also a delight though there is nothing partially interesting about her character, a few of her scenes are fun to watch. And William Shatner, who had loads of potential here but is barely allowed to be truly noticed. But we do notice him when he is permitted to do something more then stand around saying nothing. Benjamin Bratt's character is the token love interest for Bullock, and goes absolutely nowhere. When they share the screen together it is an incredibly boring experience to watch them flirt endlessly with each other.

My wife rented this last night and figured there was no harm in watching it. But after it was over (where we then watched WHAT WOMEN WANT), I wish it was something that I could have avoided. There is nothing terrible about it, there really isn't anything about it. It's a movie that exists purely for the hell of it. And really, there is little more to say about it. Bullock's transformation is flat and contrived, the laughs are non-existent and the action unbearable.

My Grade: D+