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Starring: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Bill Murray

Based on the popular TV series, this movie finds our three ass-kicking heroines battling… ah it doesn’t matter. The plot is so incomprehensible and incoherent that all the film has to fall back on is the colorful set scenes, cheesy dialogue and the bodacious leading ladies. I haven’t seen the original series, not even one episode, but if it was anything like this movie then I’m surprised that it lasted as long as it did. There is absolutely no substance, no logic and no reasoning behind anything. But alas, it does have three beautiful women in beautiful clothes who all manage to look beautiful when battling bad guys. Diaz, Barrymore, and Liu all do what is expected of them, and act as pure eye candy and sputter around with ridiculous grins that make them all look like half-wits.

But what makes the movie fun is that it never takes itself serious for a minute. It doesn’t care that it has over twenty-five throwaway plots that have absolutely nothing to do with the already inconsequential storyline. The three leading ladies love lives are abandoned during the final ten minutes (what the hell happens to the guy from Friends and Luke Wilson? And why is Tim Curry even in the movie?). But to ask such questions is pointless, because all it is trying to accomplish is showing off the three actresses and their skimpy outfits. Bill Murray, criminally underused, plays Bosley, the angel’s boss so to speak (he works for the unseen but heard Charlie, an anonymous millionaire who funds the crime fighting team). He has a funny moment here and there, and his presence is always appreciated. But all he really has to do is stand around, and such a gifted actor and comedian should never be put to waste like this.

If you’re in the mood for pure stupidity, than by all means, pick the movie up. The features on the DVD are nothing to write home about, especially if you’re not into the movie (does anyone really care that a bathroom sequence in which two of the angels are dressed like men was shortened because it served no purpose to the story?). But if you’re in the mood to check your brain at the door, and don’t mind listening to the silly dialogue (though many guys won’t be seeing it to listen to them speak anyway), than rent it for the hell of it. You won’t remember much about it the following day, but at least you can say you’ve seen it.

My Grade: B-